In order to enhance the students' ability, we invite both domestic and foreign experts/scholars in the field of information security. They will share the experience in international security competition and practical security.


AIS3 (Advanced Information Security Summer School) is hosted by Information Security Incubation Program Office, Ministry of Education. Starting from 2015, AIS3 held at NTUST (Taiwan Tech) with 100 participants. Due to the overwhelming response, AIS3 held at Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung at the same time since the followed year. Not only for students in college or higher education, high school students can also join by recommendation. There were 80, 45, and 35 participants in three venues respectively.

Before the course, all of the participants should join pre-exam to prove their basis information security ability. Pre-exam is a Jeopardy-style CTF, the categories of challenges include Web, Pwn, Misc, Reversing, and Crypto. The last day of course is AIS3 Final CTF (also Jeopardy-style). Participants can immediately apply the knowledge on more difficult challenges, effectively enhance the strength.


Taipei:IB202 meeting room, International Building, NTUST
Taichung:The third PC classroom, second floor of CINC, NCHU
Tainan:75309 room at College of Science, Cheng-Kung Campus, NCKU
Room of sitting in:IB201 meeting room, International Building, NTUST

#Enrollment Quotas

Taipei is taking 80 persons, prepare 25 persons.
Taichung is taking 45 persons, prepare 15 persons.
Tainan is taking 45 persons, prepare 15 persons.

#Practice Questions

We already announced 13 practice questions about AIS3 pre-exam, include Binary, Crypto, Misc, Web etc. Please use the platform built by NCHC to practice.


Registration time: June 5th 10:00AM to June 20th 18:00PM, 2017
The registration requires to specify the venue (Taipei, Taichung and Tainan), and is only available online.

pre-exam time:July 5th 10:00AM to July 7th 17:00PM, 2017
Joining pre-exam is a necessary procedure to complete the registration, The qualification review is based on pre-exam scores.

Admission notification:Announce before July 28th, 2017 by mail and the website.

Course time:9:00AM to 17:30PM every day from August 28th to September 3rd, 2017. The time might be adjusted according to speakers. The last day will be AIS3 Final CTF.


1. The Taiwanese students in college or higher education with the basis information security ability.
2. Recommended high school students by school teachers, industry, security community and other security experts in the field.
3. According to the registration status, the organizer will retain the right to adjust the number of participants, and will provide a few quota to the security workers of government agencies and sponsor business. (Department approval letter and pre-exam participation is needed in registration. The organizer will only offer an approval admission letter, you have to request a leave of absence from work on your own.)


1. Pre-exam is only open to the registered people. For enrolled students, please sign in the website, copy your token and register the pre-exam. If you have any questions about pre-exam, please contact us by mail or make a phone call during office hour.
2. The pre-exam website will be available during the test time. Please back up any information if necessary.
3. Before July 12th, please don't dispose your solution in any way. The organizer will randomly select students to write and submit their write-ups.